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Smurfit-Stone Strike Updates


IAM and Smurfit-Stone Reach Contract Agreement: Strike Ends


Sioux City, IA, May 26, 2007 – The striking employees at Smurfit-Stone which are represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) ratified a contract early Saturday afternoon ending a strike that began on March 15, 2007.   The new agreement includes a general wage increase of 7% over the next 4-˝ years, a $1200.00 lump sum payment, and a guaranteed minimum number of Saturdays and Sundays off along with other contractual enhancements.

The issues that led up to the strike were guaranteed time off, being better compensated for Sunday and Holiday work, a more beneficial and better-funded pension, and a better general wage package.   According to Business Representative John Herrig the union didn’t get everything that they wanted but the company moved enough in the union’s direction to secure a majority affirmative vote saying, “The goal of the IAM is to negotiate better lives for those we represent and this contract does just that.”   Herrig added, “Our members can return to work with their heads up high and their dignity intact in the knowledge that they stood up for their values.”  

Herrig cites a visit to Smurfit-Stone’s annual shareholder’s meeting held in Chicago on May 9th as being instrumental in the company’s decision to make some concessions to the union.   “A delegation of 10 strikers from Sioux City joined  IAM General Vice President Philip J. Gruber and other Midwest Territory staff members in Chicago to picket outside of the shareholder’s meeting where two of the strikers and myself gained entrance to the meeting itself,” said Herrig.   He continued saying, “I was allowed to address the board of directors and the shareholders present to alert them of the 1900s sweatshop management style at the Sioux City facility and how unfortunate it was for all parties involved that these dedicated employees had to go on strike just to spend time with their families.”

According to the return to work agreement all of the striking employees will return to work within a two week period.



It is the purpose of this page to inform our members and the public of our ongoing strike.   Further, it is the policy of Siouxland Lodge No. 1426, District Lodge No. 6, and the Grand Lodge of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to promote and engage in only strikes that are non-violent in nature.   While we appreciate and encourage our members and the public to regularly visit this site please do not use it as a conveyance or an excuse for violence or other illegal activity.   Any individual or individuals who engage in violent or other illegal behavior related to this labor dispute do so at their own risk and without knowledge or sanction of the entities listed above.   For those of you who visit this site and support our cause we thank you; for those of you who do not share our views we thank you for visiting this site and giving us the opportunity to educate you.





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